Applications will open on June the 10th and close on September the 6th, don’t miss it ! Here’s how to get ready!

Don’t miss the deadlines to be the next to rock the Chinese Market !

  • June 10th, 2016 : Application period starts

  • September 6th 2016 : Application period closes

  • October 15th 2016 : The list of selected companies is released on our website

  • November 14th and 15th 2016 : Impact China 2016 Bootcamp – Speed-dating recruitment session and B2B meetings

  • 2 phases of 2 weeks in China with B2B meetings in the four major Chinese Tech ecosystems :

    – From March 6th to 17th, 2017:  acceleration phase 1 

    – From May 8th to 19th, 2017,  acceleration phase 2

More information

Applications to Impact China 2016 are open to French registered companies that meet the following selection standards :

  1. The company is specialized in one of the following areas: digital (telecom, broadcasting, software), IoT, design and electronic equipment (BtoB and BtoC)

  2. The Chinese market represents a strategic development area for the startup

  3. Turnover of the startup must be above EUR 1 million in the last financial year

  4. Startup’s equity must offer a visibility of 12 months or more

  5. The startup has more than 3 years of existence


The executive level representative selected for the programme shall :

  1. Be able to speak fluent English

  2. Plan to dedicate at least 30% of his/her time within the next 12 months to do business development on the chinese market

  3. Have or plan to recruit at least one Chinese-speaking employee within 3 years

Application fee is 300€ excluding value-added tax and other taxes and will be integrated in the program’s price if the Startup is selected.


A selection out of a ranking of projects

5 startups or innovative companies will be selected by a jury of French and Chinese experts.

The top 5 companies in this ranking

will be admitted to participate in Impact China 2016-2017,  4+1 weeks acceleration, with an associated cost of 9 000€ ex-Tax. An optional 5th week can be requested by the alumni before the 17th of June 2017. 

Selection process

The Jury will shortlist the candidates based on the selection standards outlined above and on the materials provided during the application process, namely :

  1. Information provided filling in the online questionnaire

  2. A 1-page executive summary

  3. A 2-min introduction and promotion video

  4. A marketing presentation in English

Web interviews might be conducted with shortlisted companies, leading to a final selection of 5 laureates.

Get ready to apply

Once you are on the Application form screen, you’ll have to fill out a questionnaire and upload the 3 types of materials listed below :

  1. Fill in the  “Start here” section

  2. Click on the “Sign up confirmation form” button to access the online application form: mandatory to complete your application

  3. Fill out the questionnaire

  4. Upload the materials listed above ( 1-page executive summary, 2-min introduction and promotion video, marketing presentation in English and the application form signed and sealed “bon de commande”)

    Need more Information before applying? Contact us at

You will need to upload all materials at once : please make sure to have them ready.