Nicolas Chaudron

Managing Partner @ idinvest

Nicolas Chaudron image

Olivier D'arros

Partner @ MAVIE Technologies

Olivier d’Arros image

Jian FAN

CTO @ China Unicom Group

Jian FAN image

David J. Gee

Head of Cybersecurity @ HSBC Asia Pacific

David J. Gee image

Lisa Hao

Executive president and founding partner @ FR Capital

Lisa Hao image

Rodolphe HELIOT

Business Incubation Director @ Schneider Electric

Rodolphe HELIOT image

Wei Li

Director @ Venture Capital Institute (China)

Wei Li image

Philippe OBRY

Chief Engineer& Director Business Innovation @ Dassault Systèmes China

Philippe OBRY image

Michelle Shan

Country Director China and member of Executive Committee @ Fives group

Michelle Shan image

Eric WU

Deputy Director, Investment Opportunity and Business Development, R&D @ HUAWEI

Eric WU image

Nan XU

Vice president @ Siasun

Nan XU image

Diane ZHOU

Investment director for overseas investment @ Fosun

Diane ZHOU image

Frederic LEE

Vice president @ Creadev China

Frederic LEE image

Paul François FOURNIER

Senior Executive VP of innovation Direction @ Bpifrance

Paul François FOURNIER image

Frank Sizun

Industries & Cleantech department DIRECTOR @ BUSINESS FRANCE & FTT ORGANIZER

Frank Sizun image

Thomas Vial


VIAL image