Apply to the French Tech Tour China 2018 Program

Applications period will last from April the 16th, 2018 to June the 22nd, 2018.


Discover below how to seize this golden opportunity for innovative startups to explore the Chinese market.

Important deadlines to rock the Chinese Market!

  • April, 16th 2018 : Application period starts

  • May, 24-25th 2018 : Road Show

  • June, 22nd 2018 : Application period ends

  • Mid-July 2018 : Notification of acceptance.

  • September, 17-18th 2017 : Bootcamp in Paris

  • November 26th to December 7th 2018 : Startups come to China for a 2-week immersion tour that will them through the innovative hubs of Shanghai, Shenzhen/Canton, Hong Kong or Chengdu, Beijing.

Application process

Applications to the French Tech Tour China 2018 are open to French registered companies. Application fee is 150EUR‚¬ excluding value-added tax and other taxes. Application fee of successful applicants will be deducted of the program’s participation fee.


For applying, you will have to :

  1. Dowload and complete the confirmation form in the “Start here” right upper section of this page

  2. Fill in the “Start here” form and click on “Download Sign up confirmation form”

  3. Complete the online questionnaire

  4. Upload the application material listed below”: an application form signed and sealed (“receipt”) ; a business presentation written in English ; the logo of your company ; a short presentation and picture of the CEO of your company (optional)

    Beware that our website doesn’t save incomplete applications: you will have to refill the application material and use another email address. Contact us if you face any problem with the application process.

Selection criteria

16 startups/innovative companies will be selected by a jury of French and Chinese business experts.

The 16 most innovative companies among applicants (8 in digital field + 8 in energy field)will be invited to join the French Tech Tour China 2018 for a 2-week immersion program, with an associated cost of 5800EUR ¬ excluding value-added tax and other taxes. Domestic flights are included in the participation fee.

The Jury will shortlist the candidates based on the materials provided during the application process.


The Jury will likely select companies that have :

  • An innovative product/solution with existing clients and revenues;

  • A committed managing team that will be available and involved throughout the whole duration of the program and the immersion tour in China;

  • Sufficient financial resources and/or sustainable financial plan to implement their development in China.


Shortlisted companies might be invited for a web interview.

Need more information before applying? Contact us at

You will need to upload all materials at once: please make sure to have them ready.